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33 Reasons to Love Arbonne!

Posted on April 16th, by Arbonne Blogger in As Seen In, Blog, Company, Newsroom, Press. No Comments

33. Founder Fun

In 1975 in Arbon Switzerland, Petter Morck (and his famous red glasses) came up with the revolutionary concept of Arbonne.





32. Good Things Take Time

From 1975 to 1980, a team of biochemists, biologists and herbalists worked on developing a skin care line using only pure, safe and beneficial ingredients of premium quality, eliminating commonly used ingredients they found harmful to the skin.


31. Arbonne in America

In 1980, Arbonne International was established in the United States in Orem, Utah.

 30. Our Mission

Arbonne's mission has been to develop and distribute Swiss-formulated skin care products that are pure, safe and beneficial. Known for its best-selling, revolutionary anti-aging skin care, Arbonne has grown to include a full line of personal care products, all available through its growing network of Independent Consultants, of which we have more than one million.


29.Off to warmer climates

In 1984, the Home Office moved from Utah to sunny Southern California!



 28.Going Greener

In 1991, Arbonne introduced biodegradable packaging and included the Recycling Logo to all product packaging.

27. Suisse Miss

In 1993, Arbonne introduced a new product packaging design, which included the Suisse flag as a tribute to the company's origins.


26.Maternal Instincts

In 2000, the Arbonne Baby Care line was launched.



 25.Thinking Clearly

Also in 2000, Arbonne launched the Clear Advantage line.







In 2001, Arbonne hosted the First Annual Test Drive a Mercedes Day.


23.Back by Popular Demand

Also in 2001, Aromassentials Unwind was added to the regular product line.






22."It began with REsearch & ends with REsults..."

Re9, the REvlution in anti-aging, launched in 2003.

21.More Holiday Fun  

In 2003, Arbonne introduced Ginger Citrus, Pampermint, and Sky for Men into the Holiday lineup.

20.New Digs

In 2004, Arbonne moved once more to our current Home Office.

19. Linden and YOU

Linden, which can be found in BefoRE Sun products, helps support the appearance of soft beautiful skin. A gentle but thorough cleanser, linden extract helps wash debris, while its ate-binding properties soothe skin and help promote a more youthful appearance.

18. Oh, Canada!

In 2006, Arbonne officially launched in Canada.





17. New Mates

In 2007, Arbonne officially launched in Australia.

16.Hail to the Queen

In 2008, Arbonne officially launched in the UK.


15.FC (High) 5!

In 2009, FC5 launched.




14.Fresh Cell Technology

FC5 refers to Arbonne's exclusive technology where fresh cell nutrients from 5 fruits and vegetables remain encapsulated and intact until they are applied to the skin, where they release precious nutrients. The freshness of the ingredients transforms skin to appear radiantly healthy and beautifully hydrated.

13. Our Fearless Leader

In 2009, Kay Napier joined Arbonne as the new CEO.

12. Making the Best Better

In 2010, RE9 Advanced launched, improving upon the original formula.

11. Nanosphere Technology

A key RE9 anti-aging element and a unique delivery system that utilizes nanospheres infused with beneficial ingredients that protect and condition.

10. Peptides

Peptides are another key RE9 anti-aging element as well as important components of collagen. They are individual portions of protein with water-binding qualities that play a role in enhancing skin absorption, helping skin to look and feel rejuvenated. Peptides improve skin roughness and help lessen the appearance of fine lines.

9. NEW-trition

In 2011, Arbonne Essentials launched.

8. You Really "Like" Us!

In 2012, we got our 100,000th Facebook "Like."

7. For Your Viewing Pleasure

We also got our 1,000,000th YouTube View!

6. Extra Extra!

Also in 2012, we launched RE9 Extra Moisture.

5. REsults

We also released the RE9 Clinical surprises there!

4. Arbonne Angels

And we launched the Arbonne Charitable Foundation.

3. @KayNapier joined Twitter!


2. And as usual...

Arbonne personal care products are formulated without:

    • Animal products or by-products
    • Parabens
    • Formaldehyde-donating preservatives
    • Petroleum-based ingredients
    • PABA

1. Healthy and Happy

Arbonne nutrition and weight loss products are formulated without:

    • Artificial colors
    • Artificial flavors
    • Artificial sweeteners
    • Animal products
    • Animal by-products
    • Cholesterol
    • Saturated fats
    • Trans fats

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